Creative Networking


Networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common special interest

Due to the progress in the digital world, it is essential for us to network. It is the only way to be able to keep track and optimize our visibility so that may find us users can easily find us on the internet.


Various actions, such as posts, boosts, visibility campaigns, positioning, and promotions, will have to be considered our publication calendar or content planner. Each and every publication must be carefully edited and evaluated in terms of their impact and desired results.

Each publication in turn must go through a set of criteria, bearing in mind: cultural events, season, the targeted audience, what segment, nationality, gender, etc.

The purpose of networking is essential for us because it allows us both to find and develop and maintain the right contacts, but also to get in touch with potential customers.

The fact that the hospitality business wouldn’t be able survive without an online presence, the need to efficiently network is a major part of our business for various specific reasons.

1. It’s not what you know, but who you know…Expand and keep the momentum of your accommodations. Networking gives us the chance to create a full address book, with that we can reach a larger audience. With that and most likely without realizing it, you may have a few clients coming from friends of friends.

2. Creating relationships online boosts our visibility, of course it is important to be able to work independently, but nowadays we cannot underestimate an optimal networking method, - networking is your key to success-. Networking is indeed essential to make our accommodations known, and to stimulate more visitors and thereby improve our online reputation and consequently our own website.

3. It's all about: Network = Followers = Profitability! When we have successfully built a good network, it is easier for us to optimize our reservations. Think about it, if you have an extensive network, it's easier to create promotions and target them accordingly.

4. A well-calibrated network gives our very own business credibility, because networking provides us with proof of success, stability, and expertise.

But not everything comes with the first post or publication. It is a continuous, tedious task where your very own spot must be earned. Before having "followers", you need to show that your business is trustworthy, whilst being able to bring them something along the way.

On the other hand, you may reach a group of followers who don't necessarily know you, but who do know your property. An efficient follower group can certainly assist you to stimulate your profitability and possibly develop additional commission-free bookings.

To sum it up: your networking is directly related to the development and progress of your business, your ultimate goal!

With the help of posts, videos, boosts, Google Ads supported by Google Analytics I can develop an effective marketing campaign to boost your business.