Reservation Management

The ABC's of Reservation Management

Reservation Management


Whether your website is created through a channel manager or not the fact of having a site called home is critical if not the only way out these days.


Whether it's a hotel or B§B, I strongly advice to have an all-in-one Channel Manage. The costs are minimum, and the practicality and effectiveness are without a doubt remarkable.


There is various trustworthy over-the-counter online channel manager software available. Smoobu being my favorite, as it includes lots of extras besides the fact of its user-friendliness.

Channel Manager

Most all-in-1, give you the possibility to build your own website thanks to their available templates, or link your own private website to it. In both cases integrating and linking up your rate strategy, availability calendar, pre-established, description, terms § conditions, photographs etc. is tedious work, but essential to generating flawless reservations.

Online Travel Agents

Then you’ll have to connect your OTA’s - Online Travel Agencies – to your channel manager. The OTA’s in turn will have to be uploaded and fed with all the necessary information, so that all information across all platforms is uniform and correct.


The channel manager allows you to push rates through each individual platforms including your own website. These rates are to be individually adjusted so that commissions and charges are published at the desired rate

Additional information you’ll need to consider:

  • Have a 1-year pricing strategy, trust me don’t just upload rates randomly, it will only back-fire
  • Consider your base-rate for two persons, from here onwards an extra daily person charge is to be considered
  • Think about, your extras such as, parking, extra bed, breakfast, cleaning, etc. must be priced
  • Consider your cancellation policy
  • Consider Terms § Conditions, including house rules
  • Consider your damage deposit and procedures

Finally, you’ll need to link an online payment platform to your own website so that you start receiving commission-free reservations, initiated from your own website. The payment platform allows guest to pay their stay directly by credit card or PayPal online.


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